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Upcoming webinars / communication contact information

In an effort to keep Ohio OMS as updated as possible, we will forward important updates from AAOMS to ensure that our members are receiving those communications electronically.  If you, or a colleague, are not receiving these informational communications from AAOMS please sign on to the member profile at and update the information so that you are receiving up to date critical information.  Many members have not updated their correct contact information or opted out of receiving electronic alerts altogether and do not remember they opted out.  The AAOMS website also has a Covid-19 section for members to access that has up to date information and appropriate links.

AAOMS, in conjunction with partners, is in the process of finishing two practice management webinars.  The first being to advise members on the CaresAct and the second related to managing your practice, bills, landlord, banks, and employees during this national emergency.  Information on these webinars should be up and available in next couple of days.   The webinars will be able to be accessed any time once posted.  

Finally, in the next couple of days, AAOMS is also scheduling a national town hall meeting for OMS’s.   This should be informative and will help to answer questions on what the latest information and recommendations are available.   

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