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2020 OSOMS Membership Investment

Dear OSOMS Member,

Membership is the lifeblood of any professional society, but it is more than just numbers. A growing and active membership base can have an impact in virtually every aspect of a society’s operations. In addition to providing financial resources, an active membership can provide us with future leaders and invaluable human resources. These are the very resources that allow us to protect and maintain our specialty’s high standards. Through our Executive Council, and ultimately our membership, we are able to maintain active voices for our specialty with AAOMS and its committees, the Ohio State Dental Board, the Ohio Dental Association, and many others. There is always another issue “right around the corner”.

In this past year, we enjoyed one of the best attended annual meetings. We introduced a breakout session for allied staff to address in-office anesthesia assisting and management of anesthesia emergencies. We hope to continue this break out session in the future.

Additionally, the Executive Council is very busy advocating and being proactive in protecting and improving our in-office anesthesia model. Our ability to maintain this privilege is dependent on maintaining our voice in a climate where this is under scrutiny. In-office, peer to peer anesthesia evaluations are one area we use to proactively ensure our high safety standards. Along this line, these office evaluations are one area that can always use additional help. Anyone wishing to participate in this process or any other is highly encouraged to attend an Executive Council meeting (dates are posted on, join a committee, or send me an email at

The Executive Council has also spent considerable resources helping to define and recognize pathways to dental specialties. Our goal is to ensure that citizens are not mislead or confused by the designation of being a dental specialist, as well as helping to define the pathway that ensures a high standard of supervised training.

Thank you for your continued support of our state component society of AAOMS. We are committed to preserving a great future for our specialty. We hope to see you at our upcoming scientific secession April 25, 2020.


Monte Masonbrink DDS, MS
OSOMS President, 2019-2020

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